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Thank you to our amazing community and Framily for many years of good food, wine and fun. To follow our next steps, keep following us on Instagram @frannysbk.

Until then, keep cooking, keep loving!

A Love Letter to Franny’s…

….is a documentary  that explores the answers. And by chroniclings the closing of a beloved and pioneering Brooklyn institution, it looks at the future of family run neighborhood restaurants in New York City.

Over the last month, Jillian LaVinka (bartender since 2008) and Alyssa Schroeter (server since 2015) have been documenting the sentiments and stories that the restaurant’s owners (Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg), employees past and present, and regular customers have collected over these fourteen years. If you love Franny’s, you’ll want to know more.

Your donation enables us to to pay for the production costs, allowing us to finish this project and share it with the world at large.