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Yahoo! Food

“Is it any surprise that the 21st century pizza experience would be in Brooklyn? Franny’s, located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, a place that is just as serious about sourcing the best sustainable and local ingredients as they are about serving great cocktails and food, is getting even the most hardcore Manhattanites to cross the water for the wood-oven pizza…”


Heritage Radio

“I think what we’re seeing in New York is more and more imported wine. I have more wine trying to be sold to me on a weekly basis than ever before. There’s so much fakery in our world – and the same goes for wine. There’s a lot of confusion in the world of Italian wine and a lot of it is just not good.” [10:00] – Francine Stephens on In the Drink



“On April 13, 2004, Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg opened a tiny wood-fired pizza restaurant, Franny’s, in Prospect Heights. At the time, the couple was newly married, and they had just returned to New York after a failed attempt to open a restaurant in Massachusetts. Andrew, who had cooked under Peter Hoffman at Savoy, had only just taught himself how to make pizza, but his pies quickly earned rave reviews, and the crowds followed. They’ve since moved Franny’s to a bigger space down the street where Johnathan Adler, a vet of both Per Se and the original Franny’s, is at the helm. Now, as they near the tenth anniversary of Franny’s and the first anniversary of the new space, Francine, Andrew, and John discuss their overwhelming beginning, learning to make pizza the hard way, and the new challenges still ahead…”



“The newly relocated Franny’s is a quintessential neighborhood restaurant with Neapolitan-inspired wood oven pizzas to rival any others in town. Pizzacentric’s Michael Berman writes, ‘You can taste how good the ingredients are here. I think they shop at farmers’ markets five or six days a week for ingredients for the restaurant. … For this style of pie, I especially like Franny’s because it doesn’t get soggy like many of the others do.'”


ABC News

The hugely popular Brooklyn restaurant is releasing a book of favorite recipes. View the video.


GQ Magazine

“Franny’s is a spiritual cousin to Alice Waters’s Chez Panisse, the Berkeley restaurant that more than 40 years ago changed how people thought about sustainable and seasonal food…”


The Wall Street Journal

The pair behind a mini culinary empire on what to pack in a lunch box, the most underrated ingredient and why the best cooking happens at home.


Immaculate Infatuation

“[T]he food at Franny’s is still as good as it’s always been, and that’s what will keep people (including us) coming back. The wood burning ovens still crank out the same excellent pizzas, and the menu still features those great pastas and seasonal ingredients.”


The New York Times

“There are now more than 100 seats instead of 32; a kitchen three times the size of its predecessor, with two wood-burning ovens; more wine storage; a bigger bar; and an expanded menu.”


franny’s very own Andrew Feinberg, introduces his long-awaited cookbook Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian. Alice Waters says it best in her foreword: “This book captures the beating heart of what makes Franny’s so beautiful: its simplicity, its ability to make the ordinary surprising, and—above all—its celebration of honest everyday cooking.”