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In the Press

Immaculate Infatuation

“[T]he food at Franny’s is still as good as it’s always been, and that’s what will keep people (including us) coming back. The wood burning ovens still crank out the same excellent pizzas, and the menu still features those great pastas and seasonal ingredients.”


The New York Times

“There are now more than 100 seats instead of 32; a kitchen three times the size of its predecessor, with two wood-burning ovens; more wine storage; a bigger bar; and an expanded menu.”



Newsweek asked top chefs to compile the finest, oddest, most memorable dining hotspots in the world, and franny’s made the list for North America…


Eater New York: Decanted

“One of the best small wine lists in the city and easily the best in the pizzeria category. Look for off-beat Italian wines that focus almost exclusively on indigenous grapes. The clam pizza is a must and plays nice with a number of the whites available from Liguria and Campania.”

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Grub Street New York

GrubStreet says, “[t]he beautifully balanced, perfectly sized clam pie is my selection of choice at this iconic, rigorously local Prospect Heights establishment. But the pastas are all excellent, too, and the plump, ethereally sweet wood-roasted pork sausage is as fine a sausage as you’ll find in Kings County—or anywhere else, for that matter.”

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Grub Street New York

“The new franny’s will take reservations for six or more, and a private dining room will be available for groups larger than ten. Double the amount of space means double the number of people who want featherlight pizzas, so Stephens and her husband and partner, chef Andrew Feinberg, are building two brick ovens in the new location as opposed to the one currently in heavy use at the original franny’s. franny’s 2.0 will also serve lunch and do takeout. ‘We have the lease, we’re designing the space, construction starts in May,’ Stephens says. The move, she adds, is scheduled for November 1.”

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Serious Eats Slice: New York

Slice says, “[t]he Anchovy and Pecorino Sardo Pizza over at franny’s in Park Slope proves the theory that less is, actually, more. The toppings on this pizza are minimal, dissolving almost completely into the dough when cooked. But when you take that first glorious bite you suddenly understand where Mies van der Rohe and Steve Reich were coming from—seriously.”

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Serious Eats Slice: New York

Slice says, “’mushroom pizza’ makes me think of gray, slimy slices atop a Pizza Hut pie. But of course, that’s not how they do it at franny’s ($18) in Brooklyn. It’s a mix of royal trumpet, white cremini, shiitake, and Hen of the Woods mushrooms, tenderly cooked and distributed such that each slice tastes a little different (will this be a cremini bite or a Hen of the Woods one)? They’re suspended on a cheese bed of mozzarella, a creamy and unassertive base against the sharper, saltier Grana Padano to liven things up. On Franny’s airy, chewy, crisp-edged crust, it’s a perfect pie for the winter. ”

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The New York Times

Frank Bruni says, “Other restaurants have honorable pies, admirable lettuces or noteworthy salumi. But take it from a cranky franny’s doubter, now a besotted franny’s believer: not many do all three with as much joy and distinction as franny’s…”

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