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People We Love

Battenkill Creamery

From silky, vanilla bean-flecked panna cottas to creamy, cool dollops of housemade ricotta baked on steaming pies, franny’s could not craft some of its most beloved staples without Battenkill Creamery. What began as a humble way of life back in 1902—a tradition of milking cows in the Battenkill Valley—has now become a full-scale creamery nestled in the hills of Salem, New York. Milk moves from cows to bottles in no more than eight hours, and Cornell University’s Department of Food Science has named Battenkill “The Highest Quality Milk in New York State.” At franny’s we respect sustainability, locality, and the freshest ingredients with the highest regard—Battenkill encapsulates all of those qualities and more.


Annie Novak of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Avid agriculturist, activist and educator, Annie is the Co-Founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, a 6,000 square foot organic garden located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The farm delivers the freshest herbs, heirloom lettuces, and peppers to franny’s by bicycle. If you’ve enjoyed a spicy white pie at franny’s or a crisp cocktail with handfuls of fresh mint, then you’ve enjoyed the fruits of Eagle Street Rooftop Farms.

“Anyone who’s commitment to growing delicious vegetables in a socially conscious manner, and educating others on how to do so, is an important person to recognize and support.” –Chef John Adler


Bob Marcelli of Marcelli Formaggi

With our love of all things local, and our reverence for simplicity when it comes to Italian food, it’s no wonder that we love Bob. Bob founded Marcelli Formaggi with son Andrew, and together they bring the truest expression of the terroir of Abruzzo here to Brooklyn.  Bob’s passion is evident as soon as you taste these small batch products- all handcrafted by his family members in Abruzzo. You can find Marcelli’s caciocavallo on our pizzas, and the delicate honeys drizzled on our cheese plate.


Bill Maxwell of Maxwell’s Farm

Bill has been one of our favorite farmers since franny’s opened. He grows some of our favorite local ingredients, including the best lovage, artichokes and lima beans. 2013 was Bill’s last season growing commercially. It’s bittersweet for us as we will no longer taste his one of a kind vegetables but are happy for Bill that he will be starting a new chapter in his life and hopefully get a little more rest.

Arianna Occhipinti

In her mere early 30’s, Arianna Occhipinti, from Vittoria in Sicily, has made a name for herself as an influential figure to a new generation of wine connoisseurs.  After studying agriculture at university she decided to hone her talents into natural winemaking.  Starting in 2004 with just one hectare, she has developed her innate talent into a 12 hectare, organic certified vineyard growing Frappato, Nero D’Avola, Albanello and Muscat.  “Now that I’ve grown up a little bit, the mission is making wine of terroir.  You have to respect the vineyards, and nature in general.  When I wake up in the morning, I want to feel free.  Making this wine is my opportunity to feel free.” -Arianna Occhipinti


John von Pamer

John might have been the very first person to walk through the door at franny’s 10 years ago. He and his wife, Kerrilynn, have been eating dinner at the bar ever since. In 2013 we collaborated with John on the franny’s cookbook, which he photographed.


Pondini Imports

Pondini Imports was created in 2003 by Seymour Pond and Matteo Panini.  Together, they import unique, high quality, organic Italian specialty foods from small artisanal farms and producers.  Their portfolio contains various cheeses, vinegars, rice, oil, coffee as well as various other provisions.  Pondini Imports does not sell any products containing GMO’s, growth hormones or antibiotics.  They also refuse the use of styro-foam in shipping.  Their focus is on organic agriculture, pureness of flavor, and transporting these ingredients using the highest quality air and ocean strategies to bring their amazing Italian finds to us.


Francesco Simeti

Francesco Simeti (b.1968, Palermo, Italy) lives and works in Brooklyn. He is known for his site-specific installations using wallpapers, sculptures and 3d collage. Simeti appropriates and digitally modifies newspaper and magazine clippings from war scenes and other violent acts, re-arranging them to create images with a deliberate visual appeal and raising questions about the very nature of this imagery in contemporary society. Simeti uses his work to point out and effectively change the way we consume images and information through the media, which he believes often displays the aestheticisation of violence.

If you go into our Cellar at franny’s, you will see original artwork by our good friend, Francesco Simeti. We approached Francesco with a two-fold mission: to give life and love to our cellar through his art while at the same time, help us figure out a way to reduce the noise in the room. He came up with provocative and alluring work, printed on sound-proof panels.


Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisansal Ales

Brian brews hyper-seasonal saison style ales that are incredibly delicious. They are perfect food beers and we love to pair them with our pizzas.