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We’re proud to share our resources with you:

heritage foods usa (www.heritagefoodsusa.com)

maxwell’s farm in changewater, new jersey

berried treasure farm in cook’s fall, new york

bodhi tree farm in jobstown, new jersey

lani’s farm in bordentown, new jersey

muddy river farm in new hampton, new york

weaver valley farm in lancaster, pennsylvania

norwich meadow farm in norwich, new york

mountain sweet berry farm in roscoe, new york

eckerton hill farms in hamburg, pennsylvania

rogowski farm in pine island, new york

phillips farm in milford, new jersey

evolutionary organics in new paltz, new york

ciderbuck farm in west berkshire, vermont

tello’s farm in red hook, new york

blue moon fish in mattituck, new york

red jacket orchards in geneva, new york

migliorelli farm in tivoly, new york

samascott orchards in kinderhook, new york

locust grove fruit farm in milton, new york

new england-based forager, evan strusinski, of forgive me my trespasses, wild edibles

vermont butter & cheese company in websterville, vermont

king arthur flour in norwich, vermont

battenkill valley creamery in salem, new york


Our espresso is from counter culture coffee and is certified fair-trade and shade-grown. www.counterculturecoffee.com

Our energy comes from con-ed solutions and is derived from 35% new wind and 65% small hydroelectric. www.conedsolutions.com

Our kitchen grease is converted into biodiesel fuel by tri-state biodiesel. www.tristatebiodiesel.com

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and are from ecologic solutions in brooklyn.

Our bottled water is sourced from natural springs in peru, maine by clear moon water company.